Sean Van Buggenum

Application Developer

last updated 7th July 2007
Bachelor of Computer Science, with Distinction,
completed at:
The University of Wollongong,
NSW, Australia
November 2002.
My name can be found on the deans merit list for 2002.
I have recently left my country of birth to seek the meaning of life (and earn some money along the way).

I now reside in Munich, Germany.
About Me
Current CV      CV in Acrobat Reader Format,
Updated Regularly
    (Deutsch)     Lebenslauf von Sean Van Buggenum, 27 Mai 2006
Qualification & University Record      Various Copies of Enrollment Records, and Degree 
Personal Interest      A few non-work things that i'm interested in

Programming examples and tutorials
Apache Servers      Apache Manual: How to set-up apache, plus a few extra tricks
C++ / Shell & Unix   various c++ classes, Unix Shell, and perl programs
Databases   Learn about Database Design and Maintenence
Encryption Techniques   Most of the
information i needed to go well in the University's CSCI361 - Computer Security course
Windows API Programming       Windows C++ API Wrappers and sample Programs

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