Sean Van Buggenum

Application Developer

Security and Encryption Techniques

Included is a number of files that either may be used in development in simple encryption programs (such as the fiestel cipher implementation), or are complete programs as demonstration of such a program, or also, for use in development.

All included executable programs were compiled on a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 with use of redhat's Cygwin C libraries. If you are not using Cygwin, you can find the required Dll here

Fiestel Cipher    An Class Implementation of a Fiestel Cipher
Greatest Common Denominator (gcd)    A small application that finds the gcd of two integers
Permeation    A test application that tries to work
on the theory of the statistical nature of human text
Swap characters in a file    Small and simple program that swaps characters in a file
Text statistical analysis       Program that Provides statistical information about a text file
Commonly required header files       Header files required in the compilation of the above code